Some Terms Used in Badminton

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  • Court – Badminton courts restricted the outer perimeter.
  • Cross court – Refund or a direct blow across the ball across the field.
  • Double hit – This occurs when the ball is struck twice in quick succession on the same punch and a fault (double whammy).
  • Doubles service court – This is an area where service in multiple services mans to be done. Both sides of the badminton court have the right and the left service court for doubles. These fields are limited to double service with a short service line, the center line of the sideline for a double, and double back to the service line.
  • Drive serves – Hard and fast service across the net with a flat trajectory and is usually directed at the opponent’s shoulder is not dominant. This service is more commonly used in the doubles.
  • Drive – Blow fast and low shot that makes a horizontal flight over the net. Refund or direct blow to the ball in a relatively flat trajectory, parallel to the floor, but hit high enough to get through the net.
  • Dropshot – A deadly blow to the power light is released so that the ball fell swoop in a similar movement. Blow softly falling faster opponent in front of the net. Refund or blow across the net and fell to the floor beaten underhand or overhead of the net or the back of the court (blow drop)
  • Chair Umpire – Referee badminton matches, took the lead from a high chair near the line of nets.
  • Championship Point – The final figure required one player to win a championship.
  • Deep Service – Services soar sharp angle toward the ground to force the opponent to return the ball with a defensive lob and vulnerable
  • Deuce – The position of the numbers game should be the same as the position of point or match point for either party
  • Flick serve or return – The return service or quick and that starts with a flat wrist lobbed the ball high into the air far beyond the reach of the opponent to the edge of the opponent’s field. The blow is usually used in the doubles if your opponent has consistently cut services. (Servicing or returning flick)
  • Follow or through – Continued from blow after contacting racketball. (Final movement)
  • Forehand – Any refund or punch made from the dominant side of the body. Punches were released with a natural hand position. opposite of backhand
  • Forehand grip – How you hold the racket to return the ball from the dominant side. Grip for racket handshake or a pistol grip forehand is the most common in the game of badminton.

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