Using Smoothies For Weight Loss

Being overweight is one of the biggest contributory factors to bad health in the western world. It can result in medical problems such as diabetes and put you at high risk of stroke and heart attack. Most people who are overweight know that it is not good for them but fail to do anything about it for one reason or another, and continue putting on the pounds. When they do end up having health issues and visiting a doctor to be told they have type II diabetes, many still fail to do anything to lose weight. This results in the condition getting worse, and other health problems then set in causing complications.

Losing weight is not something that is difficult to do, but you first have to decide to do it. Think of an alcoholic, they never go for treatment until they actually admit that they are an alcoholic, and unless an overweight person admits to themselves they are obese and need to do something about it, then no one around them can force them to do it.

Once you have decided to lose weight though it is not that difficult as long as you do it the right way. Do not bother wasting money on the diet craze that is going around, as they are usually only based on some Hollywood celebrity saying it worked on them, when in fact they probably have a dietician, nutritionist, and private trainer to help them out.

When it comes to the food you eat, then it is true that you are what you eat, and one of the best stomach fillers to have with a meal are smoothies made using a blender in your kitchen for weight loss. If you have a smoothie during your breakfast, and main meal then it will take up room in your stomach that you would usually fill up with other foods that probably include sugars and fats, which are not good for you.

Smoothies for weight loss are very easy to make, and the best ones are those that contain a lot of fiber. This is because fiber is extremely difficult for your body to digest, so most of it actually passes through you, and this has now been shown to help lower the risk of things like colon cancer. The main benefit of fiber though is that because it is hard to digest, your body expends a lot of calories trying to do break it down.

Here are a few tips for smoothies for weight loss:

  • Never use any dairy products, the natural juices of the fruit and veg you add will be more than enough.
  • Be careful what fruits and veg you add as things like coconut contain a high level of fat, and high fat can cause a chemical reaction with the natural sugars of fruit and cause gas.
  • Never use sugar or sweeteners.
  • Always use fresh fruit and veg, do not use anything out of the tin as they are usually soaked in sugar.
  • Things like bananas and spinach are excellent for smoothies as a good filler and supplier of natural minerals and vitamins.

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