Buy a professional ice cream machine – shopping guide

One of the most popular desserts not only in Italy but basically around the world and especially in Germany is the ice cream. Nothing is eaten so much in the summer as the all-time favorites chocolate, vanilla, stracciatella, strawberry, and pistachio. But also new creations, such as Schlumpffeis or trendy ice inventions that have prevailed, such as Waldmeistereis and Tiramisu delight on hot days both children and adults. In any case, when the ice is good and does not cost a fortune. To guarantee that, you can also consider buying an ice cream maker yourself. With this, you succeed in creating ice yourself and then implement this. You have full control over ingredients and taste.

What to look for when buying the professional ice cream maker?

In general, two types of ice machines can be distinguished: those with freezer and those with a compressor. The freezer container is cooled in the freezer compartment until the coolant contained in it is frozen. Then it can be used in the ice maker and is ready to chill a smaller amount of ice. He must then be stored again in the freezer to be cooled again for the next serving of ice cream. The compressor, on the other hand, electrically cools its ingredients in the machine. You can use these machines for larger amounts of ice. And the other advantages speak for the acquisition of a compressor machine.

Advantages of the compressor machine

With a small, low-cost, professional ice cream maker with a freezer, apart from the lower price, you really only have disadvantages compared to the compressor machine, unless you want to quickly convert machines in the kitchen, they only want to make a little ice cream and spend a lot of money anyway , Otherwise, the compressor machines pay off for several reasons: The life of a large, heavy machine is of course much larger. This starts with the individual parts. Those, in turn, are also easier to clean, sometimes even quickly disassembling them and usually cleaning them one by one or even putting them into the dishwasher. Furthermore, with a large machine, you can often even make up to more than 2 liters of ice cream. Small machines usually only provide about 0.5 liters. And last advantage of the big machines: They do not need annoying freezer containers and therefore do not take away any space in the freezer. Because this is where their home-made ice cream is to be stored. Unless you like it so much that you want to eat it right away. If so: Enjoy your meal!

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